International Competition of Film-making on India for Indian Diaspora and Foreign Alumni of India

The participation will start from 09th May 2022 and the last date of submission is 01st January 2023.

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  1. Introduction

    The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) is an international organization of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, established in the year 1950 to promote and propagate Indian culture abroad through various activities in culture and education. Major activities of the ICCR include exchange in the fields of performing and visual arts, administering Indian Cultural Centres abroad, running Chairs of Indian Studies at the Universities abroad, organizing international cultural festivals, seminars and conferences, providing scholarships to foreign nationals to study in India etc. All these activities are conducted with the sole objective of enhancing people-to-people contact through culture and education. ICCR has a strong connection with people of Indian origin living abroad and international students who studied in India and contributed to their respective countries' development. Friends of India, such as the Indian Diaspora and international students, have always shared their experiences with India in a much-cherished way. ICCR reckons them as our ambassadors of goodwill in their countries.In recognition of this unique association of Indian diaspora and international students with India and its culture, in general, and with ICCR in particular, ICCR and Routes 2 Roots have organized an International Film Competition on India for Indian diaspora and Foreign Alumni India.Routes 2 Roots is an Indian Non-Profit NGO engaged in promoting art, culture and heritage throughout the world for spreading peace and inclusive growth. The NGO has organized and hosted hundreds of cultural concerts and festivals internationally for promoting cultural exchange between people from diverse communities and cultures. The NGO has specially executed numerous projects in conflict-ridden regions to promote friendship and peace among the people of these countries. One of the key international projects of Routes 2 Roots was the 'Journey of Indian Cinema,' which featured the stalwarts of the Indian Film industry presented in many countries. The organization also runs the most extensive digital cultural education program in the world, engaging over 20 million students across India.

  2. Organizers

    Indian Council for Cultural Relations & Routes 2 Roots NGO

  3. Participants

    • Indian Diaspora – Persons of Indian Origin holding PIO / OCI Card, Indian citizens living abroad bearing Indian Passport / NRI.
    • Foreign Alumni of India – Persons who studied/studying in India with ICCR Scholarships or on self-finance basis.
  4. Age Groups

    • Indian Diaspora – 18-25 years, 26-50 years, Above 51 years
    • Foreign Alumni of India – 18-35 years, 36-50 years, Above 51 years

    The crucial date for determining minimum and maximum age limit is 01st January 2020

  5. Registration

    Interested participants may register in their respective categories/themes at ICCR Online International Film-making Competition on India at newly created portal. Participants shall not submit more than one entry for any theme(s). However, the participant can register for different themes. For each theme, the participant is required to register separately.

  6. Entry Guidelines

    • All entries must be in digital video produced by the applicant himself/herself
    • Each entry must focus on the selected theme
    • Participant videos must be entered online at the created portal
  7. Guidelines on Video Content

    • Introductory details not exceeding 10-15 sec may be provided by the participant before starting the video (Name, Country, Age etc.), If so desired by them
    • It is recommended that video should be made in landscape orientation
    • Participants are required to make a video on the selected theme of duration not more than 3 minutes, including a short message/description on the selected theme of the video
    • Video shall not exceed the time limit. If video is longer than the prescribed time limit, the entry shall be liable to be void.
    • Video shall be produced by the Applicant himself/herself
    • Language of Video shall preferably be in English and if the language is other than English, the sub-titles in English must be added in the video.
  8. Competition Timelines

    Videos can be uploaded starting 09th May 2022 from 1000 Hrs. (Indian Standard Time) onwards till 01st January 2023 till 1800 Hrs. (Indian Standard Time). In order to participate in this competition, all video submission as per the above-mentioned guidelines must be received by this deadline. Winners will be contacted by ICCR. Stay tuned on Competition Portal ( for further details related to communication and receiving awards.

  9. Short-listed Videos

    Organizers will reach out to the participants asking to provide clarifications related to categories and demographic details, if necessary.

  10. Award Categories and Prizes

    • The competition will be organized in two categories (3 themes in each category) as detailed below:

      A) Indian Diaspora – Participants can choose any one of the three themes

      Theme Age Group No. of Prizes
      My Roots, My Ancestral i) 18-25 years
      ii) 26-50 years
      iii) Above 51 years
      3 prizes in each age group and Theme
      Away from India: What do I miss the most?
      Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: World as My Family

      B) Foreign Alumni of India – Participants can choose any one of the three themes

      Theme Age Group No. of Prizes
      Learning in India, Learning from India i) 18-35 years
      ii) 36-50 years
      iii) Above 51 years
      3 prizes in each age group and Theme
      India: My Home Away from Home
      Indian Culture: Imprints on My Mind
    • The winners will be announced within the aforementioned two categories in three age groups/themes of these two categories.

  11. Prize Amount

    First Prize $500
    Second Prize $300
    Third Prize $200
  12. Judging Process

    Judging will be carried out in two stages viz., short-listing process and final evaluation. Entries will be short-listed based on the video guidelines by Screening Committee and winners will be selected from the short list by a Jury consisting of prominent experts.

  13. Confidentiality

    Personal information will be kept confidential. The announcements will be reveal only the identities of the winners of the competition, with information such as name, age, gender, category of award and city. Consent of participants for use of their videos by the organizers for promotion activities in future is inherent and included in their act of submission of their entries in this competition.

  14. Other Terms and Conditions

    • The videos uploaded should strictly conform to these guidelines.
    • Visuals/words which are erroneous and misleading, and which may provoke communal obscurantist, anti-scientific and anti-national attitudes will make the entry liable to be disqualified.
    • The display of obscene acts and exposures that deem to be indecent will be disqualified.
    • The participant will be disqualified from the competition if it is found that he/she is trying to influence any member of the jury by way of writing letters, sending e-mails, making telephone calls, approaching in person or any other similar activity in this regard.
    • Any applicant found to give a false declaration of age is bound to be disqualified.
    • The decisions of the Screening Committee and the Jury shall be final and binding on all participants. The Jury may seek clarifications on any aspect (including age) of an entry from the participant, and if the same is not furnished within the given time, the entry could be disqualified.
    • Video provided by the participants will be deemed confidential and only used for competiton or any other promotional purposes by the Organizers. Applicants shall understand that their consent for use of their videos by the organizers for any promotional activities in future, is inherent and included in their act of submission of their entries to this competition.
    • Organizers reserve their right to accept/reject any entry without assigning any reason whatsoever.
    • Any legal disputes arising out of the competition will be settled in courts of Delhi
    • The cost of the making the video is to be borne by the participant and NO reimbursement for the same will be made by the organizers.
    • Participants submitting the videos for the competition are solely responsible for copyright regulations, if any. Their undertaking that the video does not infringe on any copyrights or intellectual property rights is inherent and included in their act of submission of entries to this competition.

For any technical support or clarifications, you may contact the help desk.

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+91 120-4123996