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Routes 2 Roots, a non-profit NGO engaged in cultural exchange programs in India and abroad since 2004 has done pioneering work in peace building through the medium of cultural exchange. With culture as the backdrop and a belief that an understanding of each other’s cultures breeds tolerance and eventually mutual respect and peace, the organization has done path-breaking work at a global level. From cultural exchange programs between different countries to promoting people to people contact through culture between conflicting regions, the NGO’s work has had a massive impact across the world.

Routes 2 Roots has to its credit numerous projects and events hosted across the country and China, Russia, South Africa, UK, Sri Lanka and Pakistan among others. Routes 2 Roots also undertakes the world’s largest oral histories “Exchange for Change” program, which is a year-long activity culminating in select children visiting each other’s countries. This program has been successfully operational since 2010 connecting 31 schools and over 20,000 children from 9 cities.

Routes 2 Roots Listing ceremony NSE

Routes 2 Roots Listing ceremony NSE

Speech By Teena Ma'am

Speech By Teena Ma'am

Listing ceremony of Routes 2 Roots All Speech

Listing ceremony of Routes 2 Roots All Speech


Routes 2 Roots aims to bridge the socio-cultural distances between India and the world through various programs.

1. Routes 2 Roots

A program of digital learning of performing arts for students across India covering the entire country and other parts of the world. This includes two way interactive digital classes, periodical workshops in each school with inter-school, inter-region and inter-country performances being organized with guidance from our illustrious Board of Advisors, contributing maestros and the esteemed teaching faculty.

2. Student Exchange Programs

Cross-cultural communication between students of India and Pakistan to inculcate an understanding of the joint history, culture and lifestyle practices of the two neighbours. One of the 'largest oral histories' programs of the world which is based on the exchange of oral histories recorded live by the participating children, documenting the accounts of their elders who experienced the partition first hand and also their fond memories of co-existence.

3. Vedas

The origin of the Vedas is known to date back to beyond 5000 B.C. The sublime scriptures form the bedrock of our civilisation and everything that it stands for. Considered an all encompassing source of knowledge, Vedas are relevant to the world even today. Numerous countries globally have dedicated teams for researching the depth and teachings of these scriptures. Routes 2 Roots have compiled the four Vedas in their entirety, chanted in authentic Sanskrit by renowned scholars. This first-of-its-kind collection has been presented in a unique DVD featuring eight hours of chanting with subtitles in 10 world languages.

4. Theatre

Theatre is considered to be the finest medium that holds a mirror to society. It presents one of the best known representations of history enacted on stage. Theatre uses drama, satire and comic timing to represent subjects relevant to a society and such is its power that it is often instrumental in bringing about change. Routes 2 Roots has presented some of the leading productions of our times on platforms where ideas, artists and thoughts from different countries have converged to spread the message of peace and unity.

5. Exhibitions

Art has been a very important medium of culture since the origins of mankind. Even before the first word is known to have been spoken, art was prevalent and our historians proved that expressions through the medium of art were everlasting. This is the reason that art has not faded and continues to thrive even in its commercial form. Routes 2 Roots in its endeavour to promote people-to-people contact and free expression have nurtured artists by hosting and curating art exhibitions on a regular basis.

6. Live Concerts & Festivals

Routes 2 Roots has organised and hosted over 100 live concerts and cultural festivals of legends and upcoming maestros from across the world in India and taken Indian legends to global stages as cultural ambassadors of peace and unity. From music performances, to dance recitals, mushairas, Sufi festivals, film festivals and fusion & popular music, Routes 2 Roots has transcended boundaries through rich cultural ties across the world.

Exchange for Change

Cross-Cultural Communication Between Students of India.

Together We Can

A sustainable world means working together to create prosperity for all. Routes 2 Roots, with combined efforts and support, have organized over 110+ cultural events, 26+ International events, 14+ Exhibitions, with 160+ International Artists and launched a Student Exchange Program with 20,000+ students, and indulged 1,50,000+ children in the Digital Program of Learning Arts ( an initiative by R2R to encourage young minds pursue art and culture)


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Team work is the ability to work together towards a common vision.

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